Richard Pryor’s Pebbleman

23 Feb
Richard Pryor's Pebbleman Rock Band

Richard Pryor's Pebbleman

‘Pebbleman’ with Richard Pryor and Jesse Jordan

This powerful 4 piece rock outfit is getting ready to blow some serious hair back… and even if you don’t have a single hair on your head…something is still gonna blow.

Richard knew that to get his Originals out there he needed some exceptional band members to make it happen. So after visiting the Andromeda Galaxy last year and finally breaking out of a bi-lateral anti-matter cosmic storm from a nearby parallel universe, he has finally found some dangerously good and extremely ‘out of this world’ musos to work with.

With Richard Pryor on guitar, his original songs are brought to life with the hugely talented and creative forces of Jesse Jordon, Rob Stemmett and Kevin Gibson.

This is pure 70’s hard rock with a modern Progressive twist, a dangerously high dose of musical instrumentation and a good smattering of smoky Blues sauce to round off this delicious original rock recipe.

No prisoners are taken when Jesse ‘The Pitchman’ Jordon pulls his 3 octave voice from the back of his throat, holds it up high like a winning trophy and then punishes it into the outer realms of rock mania….. He locks you in but never throws away the key.

Ricker ‘The Picker’ Pryor stands right beside him injecting fretboard shredding Carpel Tunnel syndrome into a High octane display of guitar wizardry that’s guaranteed to keep you guessing until the final pinched harmonic stops squealing. With notes shooting out of his guitar all packaged in a bright stardust wrapping …..Induced pebblemania is standard fare of the day

Sitting thunderously on his throne at the back, Kevin ‘The Emo Cowboy’ Gibson embarks on a complex 7, 13 and 11/8 time signature journey. Huge shards of solid Sharp astral Fragments made up of splintering snare drum and cymbals are flayed across the stageas he weilds his weapon of Drum Destruction…These amazing textures of rhythm can hurt if you’re not paying attention…Watch at your own risk!

Rob ‘The Gatekeeper’ Stemmett lurks ever tall in the back with Bassline catatonia…. Glueing the pieces back together, that ‘Emo’ Kevin pulled apart, while building rock solid foundations for great stories to unfold….High Musical Drama was one of his UCT majors when studying for his ‘Basschiller of Fine Art’

Original Songs like ‘Little Angel‘ , ‘Life inside a Dream‘, ‘Feel Your Love‘, ‘That ain’t me‘, ‘Know my Name‘ and more can be heard live on stage….

So get your rocking Booties down to their next gig and come get a piece of the Pebblemania.

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Richard Pryor’s Pebbleman

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